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A buffer solution contains 0.496 M KHSO3 and 0.314 M Na2SO3. Determine the pH change when 0.126 mol NaOH is added to 1.00 L of the buffer.

pH after addition − pH before addition = pH change = ____


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A buffer solution refers to an aqueous solution that consists of a mixture containing a weak acid and its conjugate base. These solutions are used as a means by which the pH can be kept constant in a wide range of chemical reactions.

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The pH  can be defined as  the measure of the molar concentration of all the H+ which are present in the given aqueous solution. It  is also a measure of acidity or basicity of the given solution. 

Step 3

The given buffer is an acidic buffer.

As per ...

The pK for KHSO, is 7.172
[Na SO
pH 7.172+log

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[salt] pH-pK+lg [acid] The pK for KHSO, is 7.172 [Na SO pHpKlog [KHSO (0.314) '(0.496) pH 7.172+log -6.9734


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