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A cruise ship sails due north at 4.50 m/s while a Coast Guard
patrol boat heads 45.0° north of west at 5.20 m/s. What are
(a) the x - component and (b) y - component of the velocity of
the cruise ship relative to the patrol boat?


Expert Answer

Step 1


Velocity of ship = 4.50 m/s (north)

Velocity of boat head = 45o north of west at 5.20 m/s


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Step 2

Velocities can be rewrite as


Image Transcriptionclose

v(ship) = 4.50j v(head) = -5.20cos 45° i + 5.20 sin 45° } v(head) = -3.68i + 3.68 j

Step 3

Relative velocity can b...


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v(relative) =v(ship)– v(head) v(relative) = 4.50j –(-3.68î + 3.68ĵ) v(relative) = 4.50j +3.68î – 3.68ĵ v(relative) = 0.82ĵ +3.68î


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