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A cube of wood having an edge dimension of 20.0 cm and a density of 650. kg/m3 floats on water. (a) What is the distance from the horizontal top surface of the cube to the water level? (b) What mass of lead should be placed on the cube so that the top of the cube will be just level with the water surface?


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Step 1



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Edge dimension,a=20 cm = 0.20 m Density of wood,P rood = 650 kg/m³ Density of water,p„ =1000 kg/m

Step 2

Part (a):

Cube of wood will submerge until weight of wood will be equal to submerged force. The sum of force after equilibrium is given as,


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ΣF-0 0= p.g[(a-h)a°]= Prad ga By rearranging the above equation, Puga – Proe ga = p„gha? Pwood h= a1-

Step 3

By substituting the ...


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Pwood h= a 1- 650 1 1000 h=(0.20) - h=0.07 m=7 cm


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