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A cylindrical tank at SeaWorld is full of seawater. The tank is 20m in diameter and 5m in height.

a) what is the wight density of seawater?

b) what is the total force on the bottom of the tank due to the seawater?

c) what is the total force on the sides of the tank of seawater?

use pie = 3.14159 in your calculations for this problem


Expert Answer

Step 1

Weight density is the weight per unit volume of a substance or object.


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W V mg = Pg -(1029 kg /m2)(9.8 1m/s =10.09x 10 N/m3

Step 2

Total force acting on the bottom of ...


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F PA (hpg)(R2) -[(5m)(1029 kg/m2'(9.81m/s') (10m) =15.86x106N


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