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A cynlindrical storage tank has a radius of 1.45 m. When filled to a height of 3.40 m, it holds 15500 kg of a liquid industrial solvent. What is the density of the solvent?


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Step 1


Radius of cylindrical tank (r) = 1.45 m

Mass of solvent (m) = 15500 kg

Height of filled solvent (h) = 3.4 m

Step 2

Formula used:

Density of matter is given by,


Image Transcriptionclose

m V where m mass of matter V volume of matter

Step 3

Volume of solvent fill...


Image Transcriptionclose

V = T xr2xh where r = radius of cylindrical tank h height of solvent filled in tank V = Tx (1.45) x3.4 V 22.458 m3


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