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A financial services committee had 60 members, of which 8 were women. If 7 members are selected at random, find the probability that the group of 7 would be composed of the following. 

a. 6 men and 1 woman 

b. 5 men and 2 women


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The probability that 6 men and 1 woman are selected is 0.4217 and it is obtained below:


From the given information, there are 60 members in a committee. In 60 members, 8 were women and remaining 52 were men. Moreover, 7 members are selected at random. The number of ways for se...

52 (8
P(6 men and 1 woman) =
20358520x 8

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52 (8 6 1 P(6 men and 1 woman) = 60 7 20358520x 8 386206920 =0.4217


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