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A gas company in Massachusetts charges $1.70 for 15.0 ft3 of natural gas.
(a) Convert this rate to dollars per liter of gas.
(b) If it takes 0.304 ft3 of gas to boil a liter of water, starting at room temperature (25°C), how much would it cost to boil a 2.6−L kettle of water?


Expert Answer

Step 1


The conversion of ft^3 to L can be done as follows,

1 ft^3 = 28.3168 L

Step 2

Therefore, 15 ft^3 = 28.3168 L x 15 = 424.752 L

The charge for 15 ft^3 or 424.752 L of natural gas is 1.70 $.

So the rate of 1 L of the gas ...

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