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A guitar string is tuned to E2 when it has a tension of T on it. What would the tension have to be in order for the string to play an E3 note?

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A guitar string is tuned to E2 when it has a tension of T on it

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Calculating the tension in the wi...


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Frequecy of a stretched string with tension T is directly proportional to the square root of tension in the string Or v T..(1) The frequency of string when it is tuned to E3 is double the value of frequency of string when it is tuned to E2. Or VE2E(2) T E Using equation 1 VE Т, T5, Now, using equation 2, VE т Squaring and rearranging for T, T 4T Hence, Tension in the string wire when it is tuned to E3 is 4 times the tension in the wire when it is tuned to E2


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