Asked Feb 22, 2020

(a) If the pressure exerted by ozone, O3, in the stratosphere
is 3.0 x 10-3 atm and the temperature is 250 K, how many
ozone molecules are in a liter? (b) Carbon dioxide makes up approximately
0.04% of Earth’s atmosphere. If you collect a 2.0-L
sample from the atmosphere at sea level (1.00 atm) on a warm
day 127 °C2, how many CO2 molecules are in your sample?


Expert Answer

Step 1


P = 3.0 × 10-3 atm

T = 250 K

V = 1.0 L

Substitute these values in the ideal gas equation.

PV = nRT

n = (PV) / (RT)

n = (3.0 × 10-3 atm × 1.0 L) / (0.08206 L – atm/mol – K × 250 K)

n = 1.46 × 10-4 mol

1 mole of ozone contains 6...

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