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A man attaches a divider to an outdoor faucet so that water flows through a single pipe of radius 9.00 mm into two pipes, each with a radius of 6.00 mm. If water flows through the single pipe at 1.25 m/s, calculate the speed of the water in the narrower pipes.


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The equation of continuity gives that, Av = A,v2 Here, A, is the area of the single pipe, v, is the speed of water in the single pipe, A, is the area of the narrow pipe and v, is the speed of the water through the narrow pipe. Rewriting the above equation. Av, (1) A, ½ (1) V2 The equation for the area of the single pipe is 4 = nr? Here, 1; is the radius of the single pipe. The equation for the area of the narrow pipe is A2 = T1 Here, 1, is the radius of the narrow pipe.


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