Asked Nov 11, 2019

A merchant wants to combine two classes of peanuts with nuts which costs are, respectively, of $1.5, $2.5 and $4 per pound. He wants to obtain 130 pounds of the mix that costs $3 per pound. How many pounds of each class will he need to use if he also wants the quantity of the peanuts of the cheapest variety, to be the double of the most expensive variety? 

Resolve using just equations (either first or second grade) and systems of equations. 


Expert Answer

Step 1

To determine the no. of pounds of the peanuts of the cheapest and expensive variety and nuts.

Step 2

Given information:

The cost of two classes of peanuts is respectively $1.5, $2.5 per pound.

Cost of nuts is $4 per pound.

Step 3


Let quantity of nuts is z pounds.

quantity of peanuts of cheap variety is x poun...

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