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A person in a boat floating in a small pond throws an anchor overboard. What happens to the level of the pond? (a) It rises. (b) It falls. (c) It remains the same.


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When an object is immersed in a fluid, it exerts a force and displaces the water. The volume of water displaced by the floating object is equal to the weight of the object, so the volume of the water displaced by the boat is equal to the weight of the boat and the volume of the water displaced by the submerged object is equal to the volume of the object, so the volume of the water displaced by the anchor is equal to the volume of the anchor. The density of the anchor is greater than that of water, a volume of water that weighs the same as the anchor will be greater than the volume of the anchor. The level of the pond falls because the anchor displaces more water while in the boat. Conclusion: The level of the pond falls. Thus, the option (b) is correct.


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