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A pet store has
​puppies, including
​terriers, and
retrievers. If Rebecka and​ Aaron, in that​ order, each select one puppy at random with replacement​ (they may both select the same​ one), find the probability that they both select a poodle.
The probability is_?
​(Type an integer or a simplified​ fraction.)

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Step 1


There are total 12 puppies. When there is no constraint, Rebecka can select any of the 12 puppies. After that, she replaces the selected puppy, so that there are again 12 puppies. Aaron then selects any of those 12 puppies. So, the total number of ways in which Rebecka and then Aaron can each select a puppy with replacement, when there is no constraint, is 122.

Now, the constraint here is that, both select a poodle. There are 5 poodles. Out of these, Rebecka f...

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