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A planet of mass 4.00  1024 kg is at location < -8.00  1011, 2.00  1011, 0 > m. A star of mass 7.00  1030 kg is at location < 5.00  1011, -2.00  1011, 0 > m.

What is the force exerted on the planet by the star?

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Step 1

Using Newton’s law of gravitation,


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Step 2

Substituting the...

(6.674x10-m2kg5) (4x10 kg) (7x103°kg)
(-8x10-5x10") +(2x10 +2x10")+ (0- 0)
(6.674x10mkg s2)(x10 kg) (7x10 kg)
F =
185x10 m2

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(6.674x10-m2kg5) (4x10 kg) (7x103°kg) (-8x10-5x10") +(2x10 +2x10")+ (0- 0) (6.674x10mkg s2)(x10 kg) (7x10 kg) F = 185x10 m2 1.01x10N


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