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A popular brand of cola contains 5.40 g of carbon dioxide dissolved in 1.00 L of soft drink. If the evaporating carbon dioxide is trapped in a cylinder at 1.00 atm and 22.0°C, what volume does the gas occupy?


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Step 1

The molar mass of carbon dioxide is,

The number of moles is,


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M 12+2(16) 44g/mol т п3 м 5.40g 44 g/mol 0.123mol

Step 2

From the ideal gas equation,

Substitute the val...


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PV = nRT %3D nRT %3D P (0.123mol)(8.314J-K.mol“)(22+273K) 1.013 x 10' Pa 1.0 atm latm (0.123mol)(8.314J -K".mol*)(295K) (1.013×10ʻ Pa) 10°L = 2.98×10¯³ m² Im³ = 2.98L


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