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A solution of ammonium sulfate was prepared by dissolving 55.44g of (NH4)2SO4 in enough water to prepare a 2.00L solution. What is the concentration of ammonium ions in this solution?


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Step 1


Mass of (NH4)2SO4 = 55.44 g

Volume of solution = 2.00 L


The number of moles of (NH4)2SO4 can be calculated as:


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Molar mass of (NH4)2SO4 2(14+4)+32+(4x16) 132 g/mol Mass Moles = Molar mass 55.44 g Moles 0.42 mol 132 g/mol

Step 2

Ammonium sulfate in water will dissociate into ammonium and sulfate ions. The balanced reaction can be written as:


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H2O 2 NH4 SO42 (NH4)2SO4

Step 3

From the reaction, it i...


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1 mol of (NH4)2SO4 produces 2 mol NH4 2 mol NH4 :. 0.42 mol of (NH4)2SO4 will produce x 0.42 mol (NH4)2SO4 1 mol (NH4)2S04 = 0.84 mol NH4


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