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A speed skater moving across frictionless ice at 8.3 m/s hits a 5.9 m -wide patch of rough ice. She slows steadily, then continues on at 5.8 m/s . What is her acceleration on the rough ice? Express your answer in meters per second squared.


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Step 1

Given information: The initial speed of the skater is 8.3 m/s, the length of the rough ice is 5.9 m and the final speed of the skater is 5.8 m/s.

To determine: The acceleration of the skater on the rough ice.

Step 2

Write the kinematic relation between initial and final speed.

Here, s is distance travelled on the rough ice patch, v is the initial speed of the skater, u is the final speed of the skater and a is the acceleration.

Step 3

Rearrange the above expres...


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