A wire is carrying a current vertically upward. What is the direction of the force on this wire due to Earth's magnetic field?A. Horizontally towards the northB. Horizontally towards the southC. Horizontally towards the eastD. Horizontally towards the westE. Vertically UpwardPlease explain.

Asked Feb 19, 2019

A wire is carrying a current vertically upward. What is the direction of the force on this wire due to Earth's magnetic field?
A. Horizontally towards the north
B. Horizontally towards the south
C. Horizontally towards the east
D. Horizontally towards the west
E. Vertically Upward

Please explain.


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Step 1

Expression for magnetic force is,

Step 2

Current is along k direction. Magnetic field is along j direction. Therefore, direction of force is,

Step 3

Therefore, the force is al...

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