Asked Feb 11, 2019

Amortization for 2018, $2.
Supplies of $3 were counted on December 31, 2018.
Depreciation for 2018, $4.
Accrued interest of $1 on notes payable.
Salaries and wages incurred but not yet paid or recorded, $3.
Income tax expense for 2018 was $4 and will be paid in 2019.

I am unable to create the adjusting entries. I am able to do the money amounts but labeling them I cant get


Expert Answer

Step 1

Amortization for 2018 for $2 adjusting entry given below:


Step 2

Supplies of $3 were counted on December 31, 2018 adjusting entry as shown below:


Step 3

Adjusting entry for Depreciation for 201...


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