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An antenna has an effective length of 100 m and the current at the base is 450 A (rms) at 40 kHz. What is the power radiated by the antenna?


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Step 1

The power radiated by the antenna can be expressed as

P R-> (1)
Radiation resistance of the antenna
Rms value of the current

Image Transcriptionclose

P R-> (1) Tms Radiation resistance of the antenna Rms value of the current R Ime

Step 2

Radiation resistance of the transmitting antenna can be expressed as

R 80
2 (2)
Effective Length of the antenna
2 = Wavelength of radiation

Image Transcriptionclose

R 80 2 (2) Effective Length of the antenna 1 2 = Wavelength of radiation

Step 3

In this case, the value of t...

2 =
7500 m >(3)
40x 10

Image Transcriptionclose

3x10 2 = 7500 m >(3) 40x 10


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