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An electron moves through a uniform magnetic field given by B vector= Bx i+(4.26 Bx)j. At a particular instant, the electron has velocity v vector = (2.12i+4.91j) m/s and the magnetic force acting on it is (7.80 × 10-19 )k N. Find Bx.


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Step 1


The magnetic field B = Bx i + (4.26 Bx) j

The velocity of the electron v = (2.12 i + 4.91 j) m/s

The force acting on the electron F = (7.80 x 10-19 k ) N


The magnitude of the charge of electron q = e = 1.6 x 10-19 C


Step 2


The electron moves in the xy plane

The magnetic field is acting in the xy plane

The force is acting in the positive z axis direction


Formula Used


When a charges particle is moving in a magnetic field, the charged particle will experience a force in the direction perpendicular to both the velocity and the magnetic field. This force is called magnetic Lorentz force


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F -xB)

Step 3




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F -xB) F fF B) i j 2.12 4.91 0 4.26B 0 B 7.80 x 1019 k [(2.12x 4.26B.)-(4.91*B -1.6x109 -4.875 4.1212B_k B-.187


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