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More help on newton's laws physics pulley problems. Can't seem to figure out the equations on this one.

An ultra low friction pulley
deal is shown below. The
two weights experience an
acceleration of 0.450 m/s2.
Find the mass of the
1.08 kg
second weight

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An ultra low friction pulley deal is shown below. The two weights experience an acceleration of 0.450 m/s2. Find the mass of the 1.08 kg second weight


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Let the mass of the second block be M,andtension in the string be T Given that the acceleration of the block be a 0.450m/s2 and mass of the first block m 1.08 kg Net force acting on first block m mg -T ma Т %3 mg - та T -(1.08kg)(9.8m/s")-(1.08kg)(0.450m/s) T 10.58 N-0.486 N T 10.094 N Net force acting on second block M Т -Mg 3 Ma = M(a + g) Т (a+g) 10.094N M (0.450m/s +9.8m/s M 0.984kg


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