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Fluid mechanics, jet problem:

The balloon rocket is held in place by a force, F. The pressure inside the balloon is 8 in-H2O, the nozzle diameter is 1.0 cm, and the air density is 1.2 kg/m3. Find the exit velocity, v and the force, F. Neglect friction and assume the air flow is inviscid and irrotational. 

and the force F Neglect friction and assume the air
viscid and irrotational
PROBLEM 6.5, 6.6

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and the force F Neglect friction and assume the air viscid and irrotational 6- r Nozzle F PROBLEM 6.5, 6.6

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Step 1

To determine: The exit velocity, v and the force  F.

Step 2

The pressure inside the balloon is 8 in-H2O.

Air density is 1.2kg/m3

The diameter of the nozzle, d is 1.0 cm

Step 3


The figure is shown...

1 P

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Patmospere P2 1 P


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