Answer the following questions related to value engineering: a. What is value engineering? b. What is the main objective of value engineering? c. What benefits result from value engineering? d. In no less than 75 words, explain what engineering managers can do to encourage value engineering on construction projects.

Asked Oct 22, 2019
Answer the following questions related to value engineering:
a. What is value engineering?
b. What is the main objective of value engineering?
c. What benefits result from value engineering?
d. In no less than 75 words, explain what engineering managers can do to encourage value engineering on construction projects.

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Ans 1:

Value Engineering refers to the systemized process which is used to modify or to improve the value of goods and services by analyzing the functions. Value Engineering is an organized approach that is used in the projects to provide essential functions at a lower cost.

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The value of the products can be increased using value engineering. Value engineering is applied to new products instead of existing products. The main objective of value engineering is as follows.

  • Increased benefits

When the cost is reduced or eliminated from the goods and services, the benefits of the company increases. This also assures the high returns on the invested capital.


  • Time consideration

Customer valued those products which are easily available on time. Therefore, time consideration has high priority in value engineer...

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