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Answer the question in the correct amount of significant Figures(12.345+13.45 )2 - 1.0a) 6.66 x 102 b) 664.582025c) 664.58 d) 664.6 e) 66.46 x 10


Answer the question in the correct amount of significant Figures
(12.345+13.45 )2 - 1.0
a) 6.66 x 102 b) 664.582025

c) 664.58 d) 664.6 e) 66.46 x 10

Step 1


(12.345+13.45)2 -1.0

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(12.345+13.45)2 -1.0

Step 2

In this the decimal portion has to be examined.  The number with the least number of digits in the decimal portion has to be found.

In this in 13.45 the ...

(12.345 13.45)=25.795
25.795x2 51.59
51.59-1.0 50.59 51

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(12.345 13.45)=25.795 25.795x2 51.59 51.59-1.0 50.59 51


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