(c) f(x) = x |6. Find the derivative of the following functions using logarithmic differentiation. x(x+2) (2x+1) (3+2) (a) f(x) (2r1)(422)x - 9 (b) f(x)

(c) f(x) = x
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(c) f(x) = x

|6. Find the derivative of the following functions using logarithmic differentiation.
(2x+1) (3+2)
(a) f(x)
(2r1)(422)x - 9
(b) f(x)
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|6. Find the derivative of the following functions using logarithmic differentiation. x(x+2) (2x+1) (3+2) (a) f(x) (2r1)(422)x - 9 (b) f(x)

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