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Calculate the number of atoms of Fe in a sample with mass = 1899 amu.


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Step 1

A sample of Fe of mass  1899 amu.

The number of atoms of Fe in a sample is to be calculated.

Step 2

Convert AMU into grams,

1 u=1.661×10-24g

1899 u will be comprising of how many grams?

1899 X 1.661×10-24lg  = 3.1 X 10-21g 

Step 3

Calculate the number of atoms:

1 mole of Fe weighs 55.845 g/mol and it contains 6.022 X 10 23 of atoms

And how many atoms will be there in 3.1 X 10-21g  of Fe?

     = 3.1 X 10-21g  X 6.022 X 10 23 /   55.845 

     =  0.33 X  10 2


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