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Calculate the number of moles in each sample. Express your answer with the appropriate units.71.5 g HCCl310.7 g C6H12O621.6 kg C2H222.5 g of nitrogen dioxide


Calculate the number of moles in each sample. Express your answer with the appropriate units.

71.5 g HCCl3

10.7 g C6H12O6

21.6 kg C2H2

22.5 g of nitrogen dioxide

Step 1

The number of moles of each sample can be calculated as

Number of moles=mass/molar mass


Weight of the chloroform is 71.5g

Molar mass of the chloroform is 199.38g/mol

The number of moles of chloroform= 71.5g/199.38g/mol

                                                            = 0.3586 moles.

Step 2


Weight of the C6H12O6 is 10.7g

Molar mass of the C6H12O6 is 180.156g/mol

The number of moles of C6H12O6= 10.7g /180.156g/mol

                                                            = 0.0593 moles.

Step 3


Weight of the C2H2 is 21.6kg

= 21.6 *1000

= 21600g

Molar mass of the C2H2 is 26.04g/mol

The number of moles of C2H2= 21600g /26.04g/mol


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