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(check all that are necessary) Which Oracle server parameters do you need to know in order toset up an client to connect to the server?A) Host Name or IP address of the serverB) Oracle Serial NumberC) TCP Port Number to Oracle ServiceD) Oracle Instance IDE) Operation Systems that Holds Oracle


(check all that are necessary) Which Oracle server parameters do you need to know in order to
set up an client to connect to the server?
A) Host Name or IP address of the server
B) Oracle Serial Number
C) TCP Port Number to Oracle Service
D) Oracle Instance ID
E) Operation Systems that Holds Oracle


Oracle server parameters required for the client to connect to the server are:

Host name or the IP address of the Oracle database host computer

 Host is the name of the client machine from where the connection is established between the client and the server.

 TCP port number to Oracle Service:

It represents the port number on which the Oracle Net listener listens for connections...

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