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Coasting along at 8.60 m/s, a 60.0 kg bicyclist on a 7.60 kg bicycle encounters a small hill. If the speed of the bicyclist is 6.00 m/s at the top of the hill, find the work done by the net force on the bicyclist and her bike?


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Step 1

Given information:

Weight of the bicyclist (W) = 60 kg

Weight of the cycle (w) = 7.60 kg

Initial speed of the bicyclist (u) = 8.60 m/s

Final speed of the bicyclist (v) = 6.00 m/s

Step 2

Let “m” be the mass of the bicycle and bicyclist = W + w = 67.60 kg = m

The work done by the net force on the bi...


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m(v2 u2) (0.5) (67.60) (6.002 - 8.602) -1283.04 -1.28 KJ ΔΚΕ


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