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Combustion reactions (burning of fuels) are another example of redox.  Coal is nearly pure carbon and has been burned as a fuel for centuries.  The reaction of coal with oxygen in the air is illustrated by the balanced equation:

C + O2 → CO2

What is the change in oxidation state for the carbon in this reaction?

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Redox reaction are those reactions in which oxidation (loss of electrons) and reduction (gain of electrons) of elements takes place simultaneously.

Oxidation state is the number of electrons that are either gained or lose by an atom in a chemical reaction.

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The rules for assigning oxidation state in given element and compound are given as follows:

1. The oxidation state of elements present in pure state or can say elemental state is 0.

2. The oxidation state of group 1 metals and group 2 metals is +1 and +2  respectively.

3. The oxidation state of halogens in binary compounds is -1.

4. Generally hydrogen has +1 oxidation state in compounds.

5. Oxygen has -2 oxidation state in compounds.

6. In case of neutral species the total oxidation state of all atoms is 0 whereas in polyatomic compounds the oxidation state is equal to the charge of an ion.


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The reaction of coal with oxygen in the air is a type of redox reaction in which coal is pure carbon and oxygen is present in its elemental...


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0 0 С +0, > со,


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