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Consider a CDMA system where transmitter A has the code 101010 and transmitter B has the code 111001. Assume that 1 is represented by +1V and 0 is represented by -1V.

  1. Show that the two CDMA codes (after mapping them to voltages) are orthogonal to each other.

  2. What is transmitted if A sends a bit of 0 and B sends a bit of 1?

  3. What did A and B most likely transmit if the received word is “-1 -1 -1 +1 +1 +1”?


Expert Answer

examination of the given CDMA system.

The given CDMA system transmitter A code is  101010.

The given CDMA system receiver B code is 111001 .

For the given system 1 is represented by +1V.

For the given system 0 is represented by -1V.


1- two CDMA codes are orthogonal to each other.

For the truly orthogonal code,  the code of the transmitter A is multiplied with the code of the receiver B. The result of the product is added over a period and their sum will be equal to zero.

A= 101010

in terms of the voltage, A is 1-11-11-1

B =111001

in terms of the voltage, B is 111-1-11

A*B =1-11-11-1* 111-1-11

A*B =1-111-1-1


Therefore, the two CDMA codes are orthogonal to each other.


2- transmitted bit if A sends a bit of 0 and B sends a bit of 1

If the bits transmitted by A is 0

If the bits transmitted by B is 1

The transmitted bit is the sum of the transmitter code having 1 bit. in the problem...

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