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Consider the following equation.

Use the x-values {-1,0,1 } to find solution points that should be plotted when graphing this equation. (Select all that apply.)








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Step 1

Consider the following equation y = x2 – 6.


For plotting the graph of the function put some values of x and find corresponding value of y. Then draw the graph of corresponding values of x and y.


The following table shows several values for x and the function y evaluated at those numbers:


Table 1


Image Transcriptionclose

х У -2-2 -15 0 -6 1 -5 2 -2

Step 2

Here according to the question find x values {-1, 0 ,1} to find the solution point.


So, corresponding points on the graph is of the form (x, y) which is (-1, -5) , (0, -6) and (1, -5).

 Then draw the graph ...

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