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Convince them that it isn't so by calculating how much weaker (in %) gravity is 420 km above the Earth's surface.
Express your answer using three significant figures.

The gravity is weaker by?



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Step 1


Height, h = 420 km

Step 2

Calculating value of percentage decrease in the value of gravity at a heigh...


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Valu of ' at height -2 whure value on the &urFaue Hhe earth of Radius o eart = q-8 m/s 6371 km 420 km (tniuen] bstituting valus n en, 2 420 km 6 371 km lt 0.8d-loo . Deereare a' - 2 Ikoo (93 durcase : Hence, at 420 Ken 'ara weaker 21.


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