Asked Feb 25, 2019

Design a program that prompts user enters user name and password. Until user entered user name as "FakeUser", prompts user enters password. Display "Welcome, FakeUser" and until user entered correct password "Secret@123".  The program should also display the number of times user tried to get the correct user name and password.


Can anybody provide me step by step solution for this problem?


Expert Answer

Step 1


The programming language is not mentioned in the question. So, it is programmed in Java.

Step by step solution:

  • Define the class “Test”
  • Define the main class.
  • Declare the required variables
    • Get the username from the user using the scanner class
      • Check whether the user entered name equals to “FakeUser”
    • Get the password from the user using the scanner class
      • Check whether the user entered password equals to “Secret@123”
    • Print the greeting message.


Step 2


//Import required package
import java.util.Scanner;

//Definition of class "Test"
public class Test
//Definition of main class
public static void main (String[] args)
//Declare the variables
String userName= "", pass = "";

//Declare and initialize the count variable
int ucount=0, pcount = 0;

//Crate an object for scanner class
Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
//Increment "ucount"

System.out.println("Please enter your name:");

//Prompt the name from the user
userName = sc.nextLine();

//Check whether the user "FakeUser"
//Use do..while loop
//Increment "pcount"

//Prompt the password from the user
System.out.println("Please enter ...

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