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Develop a flowchart for one of the following:

a) Filling up with gasoline at a self-serve station.

b) Determining your account balance and making a withdrawal at an ATM.

c) Getting a cone of yogurt or ice cream from an ice cream store.



Expert Answer

Step 1


Flowchart is the graphical representation of sequential steps to be followed to complete a process.

Step 2

b) Prepare a flowchart to determine the account balance and making a withdrawal at an ATM:


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Start Insert the debit card in ATM Wait for ATM's response No ATM accepts the debit card ATM asks to enter pin Enter pin number No ATM accepts pin Displays option A

Step 3

Flowchart to determine the account balance and making a withdrawal at ...


Image Transcriptionclose

A Balance enquiry ATM displays account balance Prompt to print or return to options Return to options Select cash withdrawal Enter amount


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