Differentiate y=(3x+1)2

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Q: find the derivative of the question in the picture please show all work

A: Obtain the derivative of the function.

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A: Given function is: 

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A: Consider the provided surface

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Q: Determine if y=e−x+8x−9 is a solution to the initial value problem given by y′+1=8x−y and y(0)=−8.

A: The given differential equation is y′+1=8x−y.The solution of the deferential equation is given as, y...

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A: In order to compute the Dz for the system of the given equations, compute the determinant value of a...

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A: We first draw a rough sketch of y=e^x, y=e^-4x and x=ln 3And find the region bounded by them.

Q: The graphs of y=1.1x and y=x have two points of intersection, while the graphs of y=2^x and y=x have...

A: Here, we are given that for a real number 1< p < 2 , the graphs of y=px and y=x have exactly o...