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Estimate the acceleration that a cat undergoes as it jumps from the floor to a countertop.find in m/s^2


Estimate the acceleration that a cat undergoes as it jumps from the floor to a countertop.
find in m/s^2

Step 1

The expression for force acting on the cat is given by Newton’s second law of motion. The force acting on the cat is,

Step 2

Here, F is the force acting on the cat, m is the mass of the cat and a is the acceleration of the cat.


The only force acting on the force when it jumps from the floor to a countertop is the weight of the cat. Since the cat is moving from floor to counter clockwise, the weight is acting downwards which is against the motion of the cat.


Thus, the force acting on the cat is,

Step 3

Here, g is the acceleration due to gravity.




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