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Estimate the number of people in the world who are suffering from the common cold on any given day. (Answers may vary. Remember that a person suffers from a cold for about a week.)


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Step 1

Let there be an assumption that on average a person catches cold thrice a year and that the population of the world is around 7.5 billion.\

Let the population of the world be denoted as w.

Let the number of days in an year be denoted by n.

Let the expected number of days a particular person has cold in a year be denoted by m.

m is calculated from the given data as,


Image Transcriptionclose

т 3D7(3) = 21

Step 2

The probability P for a person to suffer from cold a given day from the information given in the problem and the assumed data,


Image Transcriptionclose

т P= п 21 365

Step 3

Here 365 is the number of days in a year,

Thus the number of people N...


Image Transcriptionclose

N = Pw


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