Evaluate the definite integral.
x/ In x
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Evaluate the definite integral. dx x/ In x 64

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Applications of Integration

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Q: Fill in the blank/s : If θ lies in quadrant IV, ______ and ______ are positive.

A: We know that, in the 4th quadrant, cos and sec are positive only.   

Q: Find the direction cosines and angles of u = 7i + j − k and show that                 cos2    + cos2...

A: Direction ratio of u = 7i + j − k is (7,1,-1) So the direction cosine is:  

Q: Is the following function a valid probability density function? 3x² – if - 1<x< 1, f(x) = otherwise....

A: 1. f(x) ≥  0 for all x

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A: The volume of the outer cube is = (a)(a)(3a)=3a3  The volume of the inner cube= (b)(b)(3a)=3ab2   

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A: f(x) = 2x5 - 3x3 - 5x2 + 3x - 1 has 3 sign changes. So f(x) can have at most 3 positive real zeros. ...

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A: For the given random variable X, its pdf is

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Q: |x - 7| &gt; 2 can be rewritten without absolute value bars as_________.

A: If we remove the absolute sign then we have to put plus or minus sign with it.  So,  

Q: Solve it early I upvote

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Q: Find the unit vector in the direction of v and verify that it has length. v = ⟨−6.2, 3.4⟩

A: Now magnitude is,

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A: Given that the center=(h,k)=(0,0) a=Distance between center and vertex= distance between (0,0) and (...

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Q: Evaluate the definite integral. Use a graphing utility to verify your result.

A: Given   

Q: Describe the interval(s) on which the function is continuous. f(x) = sec x/4

A: The denominator can not be 0.  

Q: Solve: u2 - u - 1 = 0.

A: Now comparing with

Q: Find a parametrization of the hyperboloid of two sheets (z2/c2) - (x2/a2) - (y2/b2) = 1.


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Q: Use a change of variables or Table toevaluate the following definite integrals.

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Q: Describe the type of indeterminate form (if any) that is obtained by direct substitution. (a) Evalua...

A: We try to find the limit by substitution first  

Q: The graph of ƒ is given. Let and evaluate A(1), A(2), A(4), and A(6).

A: Given a graph of f. To evaluate A(1),A(2),A(4), and A(6) where,

Q: find the curl of each vector field F. F = (xy + z)i + (yz + x)j + (xz + y)k

A: Consider the equation: The delta operator is given by :

Q: Consider the function f: R → R given by   Determine if f is continuous in x = 0

A: We have given function;

Q: Find the derivative of: 2sqrtx + 9/x^3

A: To Determine: Find the derivative:                                  

Q: A point in the threedimensional coordinate system has coordinates             (x0, y0, z0). Describe...

A: When we have a three-dimensional space-XYZ. We take a point in the space that is represented by (x, ...

Q: Sound intensity I, measured in watts persquare meter (W&gt;m2 ) 2 at a point x meters from a sound s...

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Q: Evaluating integrals Evaluate the following integral.

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Q: Please solve the below given equation


Q: Use your graphing utility to graph each side of the equation log3(3x - 2) = 2 in the same viewing re...

A: We will graph  using a graphing calculator.     

Q: Use the appropriate formula to express the product cos 9x cos 2x as a sum or difference.

A: We will use the formula  With A=9x and B=2x  

Q: Differentiate the function. g(x)  =x Sin(2x)

A: We will use the product rule