Find the asymptotes of the hyperbola. y^2-x^2=4


Find the asymptotes of the hyperbola.


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A: We have to find the domain of  f(x) = arcsin(x)  

Q: Find y' for the following y= (cosx)* Select one: O y' (cosx)*(cosx -x sinx) O y'= (cosx)* (In(cosx)-...

A: According to question given that y=cosxx

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Q: Please show a check

A: Topic: integration

Q: Evaluate the given triple integral.

A: Given ∫1e∫1e∫1e1xyzdx dy dz

Q: Integrate the followings

A: Given: ∫cos2y7dy

Q: #12

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Q: Evaluate: 2 esindx, for n=8 using (a) Trapezoidal method, (b) Simpsons Method

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Q: F(x)=2/3•2^-6x+5

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A: It is known that if a function f is differentiable on I then it should be continuous on I.  

Q: point is (0,0)

A: y = x2 - 4 (a) we choose x, θ as perameter = (x, - (x2 + 4) cos θ, -(x2 +4) sin θ)   (b) dr→dx= (1, ...

Q: Determine the antiderivative F of "f" , which is defined by f (x) = 4x3 – 6, where F (0) = 3

A: Given f(x)=4x3-6

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A: The function is given by fx = 3x2-2x+1 We need to evaluate the following : (a) The average rate of c...

Q: Σ 8k k=1 k%3D

A: Given: ∑k=168k2

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A: We will answer the first question since exact one was not specified. Please resubmit the question sp...

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A: Work done can be estimated by integrating the F( r(t) ) from t = 0 to t = 2π   

Q: ASAP PLS.  Find the following limits that exist and are finite (approach a real number) at the indic...

A: Limits of function

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A: Identify the given two coordinates in the graph and then draw a smooth line by joining these two coo...

Q: Find the absolute extreme values for f(x) - cosx - sin^2 x on the interval [-pi/2, pi/2] and determi...

A: Given:       f(x)=−cosx−sin2x;     −π2, π2

Q: Write the domain of the function f(x) = arcsin(æ), using interval notation, in the space below.

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A: 1. If f''(x) > 0 , f(x) is concave upward.   2. If f''(x) > 0 , f(x) is concave downward.   3....

Q: Evaluate the integral. (x³ - - 4x) dx

A: ∫-44x3-4xdx

Q: Sin'd du

A: Given: I=∫sin−11xdx

Q: If In |(In x)" dx, show that In = x(In x)" – n.Ip-1- Hence find nx)* dx.

A: I am going to prove the given identity by using integration by parts and then use this identity to e...

Q: Verify that the given function y is a solution of the differential equation that follows it. Assume ...

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Q: Given the graphs of f(x) and g(x) is given by f(x) g(x) Which of the following is True Select one: O...

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Q: H.W: Find Fourier series expansion of the periodic function -7<x<0 -k f(x) = { k Period=2n 0<x<A

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A: We need to compute the area bounded between these two curves

Q: Evaluate the integral by reversing the order of integration.

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Q: Find the indicated sum. i= 1 5 2 i(i + 4) = (Simplify your answer.) i= 1

A: Given: ∑i=15 i(i+4)

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