find equation of cosecant 

Find the cosecant equation of the graph given below.
TT, 5
T, 5
Provide your answer below:
11:32 PM
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Find the cosecant equation of the graph given below. UU 8 1 TT, 5 13 T, 5 4 31 2 1+ 0 -1. 5TT/2 TT/2 Зп/2 2т TT -21 -3 -4 Provide your answer below: 11:32 PM N ENG OI 11/5/2019 12

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Q: with x in QIV and find the following. 8 Let cos x = cot 2x

A: Since x is in 4th quadrant, there sin x will be negative. sinx =-sqrt(15)/8 when cos x= 7/8 (given)

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A: Plug tan^2 x= sin^2 x/cos^2 xAnd cot^2 x=cos^2 x/sin^2 xThen add them using LCD

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A: Sum of three angles of a triangle = 180 degreeSo, B= 180-(50+30)= 180-80=100 degree 

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A: Given that,

Q: Write sec x in terms of sin x.

A: Using reciprocal identity we know sec x = 1/cos x

Q: I am struggling to solve this problem.   Thanks much.

A: Known facts:

Q: Find the exact circular function value of cos (-2π/3)

A: Given,

Q: establish the following identities: sin3x=(sinx)(4cos^2 x-1)

A: Given,

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A: Consider the given equation:

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A: Consider the given triangle ABC

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A: We know that,

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A: The given trigonometric equation is

Q: Through how many radians will the hour hand on a clock rotate in 12 hours.

A: To determine the number of radians that an hour hand on a clock will rotate in 12 hours.

Q: 2sinx+square root 2=0

A: Solve for sinx. Subtract sqrt(2) then divide by 2.

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A: We know that,

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A: The angle A is computed by the formula, the sum of the angle in a triangle is 180 degrees.

Q: Find the indicated power using De Moivre's Theorem. (Express your fully simplified answer in the for...

A: Let z = 1-iFirst write z in polar formr = sqrt((1)2 + (-1)2) = sqrt(2) = tan-1(-1/1) = tan-1(-1)=&gt...

Q: 10:55 TIME REMAINING 54:33 The first figure of the Sierpinski triangle has one shaded triangle. The ...

A: Observe time the number of shaded triangles is multiplied by 3.  So this is a geometric series with ...

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A: Given points is

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A: (a)Given:

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A: The given expression is

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A: The situation mentioned in the problem can be shown in the below figure

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A: Half angle formula is

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Q: uben Valencia - Google Chrome tudent/PlayerHomework aspx?homeworkld-5417114908questionld=48flushed-f...

A: to compute the angle of rotation of the larger gear

Q: Find a possible formula for the two trigonometric functions graphed below. Use x as the independent ...

A: Since from the graph 1 it can be seen that it is passing through origin so it will be a sine graph.S...

Q: Find the exact value of the expression using the provided information.Find sin(s + t) given that cos...

A: Given,

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A: Given information:

Q: Given t = 1.25 is a solution to tan t = 3, use the period of the function to name three additional s...

A: Refer to the question , with the use of the period of the function we have to name three additional ...

Q: Suppose y=1cos(9t+25)+5. what is the horizontal shift?

A: Given function is

Q: number 39 (sin x-1)(2sinx-1)=0 what is the turn around time on getting answers?

A: Using the zero product property make each factor = 0From sinx=1 we got x=pi/2 + 2k*piIf x is in [0,2...

Q: The question says: "Find sin(2x), cos(2x), and tan(2x) from the given information: tanx= -4/3, x in ...

A: Find sin (2x).

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A: Consider the given equation.

Q: acosa (x)+-5sin (x)-4-O

A: Consider the equation,

Q: Find all values of 0, if e is in the interval [0, 360) and has the given function value. 213 sec 0= ...

A: Recall the following fact.