Find the domain of function?


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Q: 9x-6=4+8x how do I work this problem?

A: First add 6 to both sides

Q: Evaluate the expression without using a calculator. log 1000 log 1000 Enter your answer in the answe...

A: We first write 1000=10^3

Q: A local sandwich store has a fixed weekly cost of $570.00, and variable costs for making a roast bee...

A: One sandwich costs $0.45 So, x sandwichs cost $0.45x.Fixed cost is $570So, weekly cost= 0.45x+570Ans...

Q: How do i solve  -2(3y-2)-4 = -4(y-2)

A: Refer to the question, here we have to find the value of y for the provided equation,

Q: g(x) f(x) 1 The functions f and g are defined by the following tables. Use the tables to evaluate th...

A: We need to find the value of [f inverse g (10)].

Q: how do i solve by factoring: x(x+3)-10=0

A: First simplify the given equation as follows.

Q: how do i find ratios ?

A: A ratio is a relationship between two numbers indicating how many times the first number contains th...

Q: How many gallons of 80% anti freeze solution must be mixed with 90 gallons a 20% anti freeze to get ...

A: Given, gallons of 80% anti freeze solution must be mixed with 90 gallons a 20% anti freeze to get a ...

Q: What is a domain?

A: Definition of a domain.

Q: I have no strong background in Algebra, so be simple and basic as much as possible for me to grasp e...

A: Hello, you have posted multiple questions but as per the honor code and guidelines of, we ...

Q: Sum 3 • 8 (4+8)

A: Consider the expression

Q: In the function 4x2+4x-2, what is f(x+h)? Is this asking for me to find the difference quotient? If ...

A: f(x+h) means you have to replace x by x+h in f(x). Then we simplify it. 

Q: As x increases in value, does y increase or decrease? For the equation 4x+5y=2

A: The equation is 4x+5y=2 can be written as follows.

Q: A=1/2ab  When A= 18 and a= 3/2 solve for b

A: Calculation:Substitute the given values, A = 18 and a = 3/2 in A = (1/2)ab.

Q: How much water should be added to sixteen milliliters of ten percent alcohol solution to reduce the ...

A: Let x be the amount of water to be added.The quantity of mixture is 16 ml.The mixture contains 10% o...

Q: 5(x+2)=6(x-3) "solve for the variable"   I get stuck after distributing, how do i continue the probl...

A: The given equation is 5(x+2) = 6(x‑3).Solve for the variable x as follows.

Q: is a zero of f(x)=28x +88x-37x-7 2 7 3 Solve the equation 28x +88x-37x-7=0 given that (Use a comma t...

A: Since x=-7/2is a zero of the equation. We can divide the equation by x=-7/2 to get the quadratic equ...

Q: Solve the following logarithmic equation. Be sure to reject any value of x that is not in the domain...

A: First we use the definition of logarithm to get rid of log. 

Q: 5/8 \ 11/12

A: Refer to the question e need to solve this fraction value.

Q: Find f(-x)-f(x) for the following function. 3 fx)=x +x-6 fx)-f(x)= (Simplify your answer. Do not fac...

A: Given,

Q: core: 0 of 1 pt 1.2.25 Solve and check the linea X+8 X-2 16 5 8 What is the solution? Sele

A: Refer to the question. We have to find the value of x for the given equation.

Q: Find the coordinates of the vertex of the quadratic functions beneath:   y=3x2 y=3x2-2 y=-x2+3

A: (a)We can compare with quadratic equations and find a , b and c 

Q: How to graph the equation y=3x+2

A: Given that the equation is

Q: What answer do you get when you multiply a number/fraction by its reciprocal ?

A: For any number n (including the fractional numbers), the reciprocal of n is given by 

Q: how to simplify (2a3b-4)2

A: Click to see the answer

Q: First find f+ g, f-g, fg and Then determine the dormain for each function. 9 9x+5 8x+3 f(x)= g(x)= 2...

A:  The functions are

Q: Find the circumference and area of a circle with the radius 9 fr . Use the value 3.14 for pi and do ...

A: The radius of the circle is 9 fr.

Q: Juan types at a constant rate.  He can type a full page of text in 3.5 minutes.  We want to know how...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: G(x)= 1/4x-4 find g(8)+g(a)

A: Evaluate g(8)+g(a) for the case g(x)=1/(4x-4).

Q: Simplify #28

A: The known fact is that


A: (a)Consider the given value of z and use the following given formula for z:

Q: how do i solve 3x=(2x-1)(m+4)

A: Consider the given equation:

Q: The functions f(x)=0.0875x-1.3x + 61.7 and g(x)=0.0875x +1.9x +11.1 model a car's stopping distance,...

A: (a) For x=35 we have to find f(35).Answer: Stopping distance on dry pavement = 123 feet.

Q: what is the square root of 291

A: The square root of  291 is,

Q: Use properties of logarithms to expand the logarithmic expression as much as possible. Where possibl...

A: we are given log expression 

Q: 6x+6<54

A: First subtract 6 from both sides.

Q: How do you find the square root of a number?

A: To find the square root of a number first we will express the given number into product of prime num...

Q: Evaluate the expression without using a calculator. log 2 log2- Enter your answer in the answer box....

A: We first use exponent rule of logarithm. The exponent becomes coefficient. 

Q: how do i do -4(2x-6)+8x=5x+24+x

A: Solve the given equation as follows.

Q: How do I square a circle? What is the equation for squaring a circle, and how do I solve it?

A: The general equation of circle centered at origin with radius, r is given by,

Q: how do i solve this: complete the square x2+5x. Factor the new expression.

A:          Given,