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Find the following probabilities:

a) Pr{Z < 0.33}

b) Pr{Z ≥ −0.33}

c) Pr{−2.06 < Z < 2.06}

d) Pr{−2.06 < Z < 0.0}

e) Pr{−4.00 < Z < 0.0}

f) Pr{Z < −1.75 or Z > 1.75} (you want the probability that Z is outside the range −1.75 to 1.75)

g) Pr{−1.75 < Z < 1.75}

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Step 1

Hey, since there is multiple subpart questions posted, we will answer first three subparts. If you want any specific subpart to be answered then please submit that subpart only or specify the subpart number in your message.

Step 2

The normal distribution:

A continuous random variable X is said to follow normal distribution with mean µ and standard deviation σ if the probability density function of X is,

-e 2
,- oo<x < o; - o<
< o;o>0

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(x-uj 1 -e 2 V2T f(x) ,- oo<x < o; - o< < o;o>0

Step 3

a. Calculating the probability:

The probability that Z less ...

Using the formula,
=NORM.S.DIST (0.33,1)
P(Z 0.33) 0.6293|

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Using the formula, =NORM.S.DIST (0.33,1) P(Z 0.33) 0.6293| <


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