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Q: Find the geometric mean of 7 and 9?

A: The geometric mean of two numbers a and b is given by the square root of the product of the two numb...


Q: Evans conducted a study to determine if the frequency and characteristics of pediatric problems in e...

A: The question does not provide details about the study,sample size , proportion of population studies...


Q: The lifetime of a certain type of battery is normally distributed with mean value 14 hours and stand...

A: From the normal distribution table, we need to calculate the 5% (or more) (z-value) lower limit whic...


Q: An engineer is going to redesign an ejection seat for an airplane. The seat was designed for pilots ...

A: Here given s=29.4, µ=156We need to find z value for given upper and lower limit.Hence we use the for...


Q: A waitress keeps track of the tips she earns and knows that her mean tip is 15% with a standard devi...

A: We have been given that a waitress keeps a track of the tips that she earns and knows that her mean ...


Q: Convert 5.5*10^4 seconds to us, and then write a code into Matlab.

A: We need to convert 5.5*10^4 seconds to micro-seconds. In order to do so, we will use the conversion ...


Q: Perform the following conversion: 2000us to milli-seconds, and then code to matlab.

A: We are required to convert 2000 micro-seconds to milli seconds. In orde to do so, we use the followi...


Q: Change 0.034m^2 to cm^2, write a code in matlab.

A: In this question, we are required to convert 0.034 m^2 to cm^2. We will use the following conversion...


Q: How to find the minimum sample size required to estimate and unknown population mean?

A: To find the minimum sample size required to  estimate and unknown population mean,We can use Cochran...


Q: Strain 2 3 4 Total 8 Scores 9 and over 6-8 3-5 0-2 6 8 5 4 78 24 5 6 4 7 22 25 25 25 25 100 23 31 10...

A: Click to see the answer


Q: What is margin error formula?

A: ANSWER: The margin error can be given as follows:


Q: Suppose you want to estimate the proportion of traditional college students on your campus who own t...

A: Given Data: Proportion 


Q: The Google Play app store for smartphones offers hundreds of games to download for free or for a sma...

A: We are provided 5 sample data elements for price of paid apps., namely $1.09, $4.99, $1.99, $1.99, $...


Q: 20. brand were Suppose that two brands of gasoline were being compared for mileage. Samples of each ...

A: For the given question we can apply two t sample test with the assumption of equal variances. To beg...


Q: An experiment was concerned with the possible effect of a small lesion in a particular area mster's ...

A: This question is abut hypothesis testing independet sample t test. In this we have to test whether t...

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