Find the Maclaurin series for the functions in Exercises 
11. e-x                 12. xex

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Q: Solve the polynomial inequlty and gapn the 5x+ +7x< -2 Solve the inequality What is the solution set...

A: The given inequation: 5x2+7x&lt;-2 ⇒5x2+7x+2&lt;0

Q: 11) Find the rectangular form of the polar equation: r = sin 0 + cos 0

A: Given: r = sin θ + cos θ To find: The rectangular form of the given polar equation.

Q: Determine in which of the four quadrants angle 0 is located given tan(0) > 0 and sec(0) < 0 O II O I...

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Q: Evaluate each of the following: a. 5 * ( -0.5) = ________b. -1023 - 854 = _____

A: (a) We have to evaluate the following - 5 * ( -0.5)  We have,5 * ( -0.5) = 5×(-0.5) = -5×0.5 = -2.5 ...

Q: Differentiate sin' x

A: The objective is to differentiate the given function

Q: express the  double integral as an iterated integral and evaluate it

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Q: 2. Let 0 be an angle between vectors w = i +3j and v = (5,2). What is cos 0? What is sin 0? 11 Answe...

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A: We know that : x=r·cosθ and y=r·sinθ   Using that we get: r=8sec(θ)r=8cos(θ)r·cos(θ)=8x=8

Q: Apply Taylor's expansion and find at The seyies for tann

A: To find the Taylor expansion, f(x)=f(a)+f'(a)1!(x-a)+f''(a)2!(x-a)2+f3(a)3!(x-a)3+.... of tan2x, sub...

Q: A woman launches a boat from one shore of a straight river and wants to land at the pointdirectly on...

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Q: Find the anti-derivative F(x) of the function f(x) = 2x - 7 with F(2)=55- %3D

A: We have to find the anti derivative of the given function following the given condition. anti deriva...

Q: Assume that the demand for tuna in a small coastal town is given by 750,000 p = q1.5 where q is the ...

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Q: Question 24

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Q: A special class of first-order linear equations have the form a(t)y'(t) + a'(t)y(t) = f(t), where a ...

A: The given first order differential equation is  2ty' + 2y = 5 + 5t, y(1) = 7

Q: Find the indefinite integral.

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Q: Find the equation of a circle that has y = 1/2x as a tangent line and with (0,5) as its center.  Fin...

A: The equation of circle with center (h, k) and radius r units is given by: (x-h)2+(y-k)2=r2

Q: Tutoring Questic a particular day, the power used in a particular state (in thousands of megawatts) ...

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Q: Find the derivative of y= (x+1)^x+1

A: Find the derivative

Q: Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of the function, if they exist, over the indicated inte...

A: differemtiate w.r.t to x

Q: help

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Q: 1. A straight river flows east at a speed of 20mi/h. A boater starts at the south shore of the river...

A: Since we only answer up to 3 sub-parts, we’ll answer the first 3. Please resubmit the question and s...

Q: Solve by using Gaussian elimination

A: Let, -4x-4y+2z=-6……(1)x-y=4…… (2)2x+2y-5z=-17…… (3) Write the linear system in augmented matrix -4-4...

Q: Differentiate Sin(x2 +1)

A: Differentiate   Sin(x^2 +1) 

Q: A bank teller is counting the total amount of money in a cash drawer at the end of the shift. There ...

A: here the augmented matrix is correct -2001|0-1100|101111|307151020|3416 R1 ← -12R1 100-12|0-1100|101...

Q: If 4 people can make 60 pots in 3 days, how many days are needed for 5 people to make 150 pots?

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Q: snip

A: To Show: a formula for the altitude h from a vertex to the opposite side a of a triangle is:h=asinBs...

Q: Find

A: y=sin(x2+1)  

Q: evaluate the integral

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Q: Differentiate

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Q: Calculus Question

A: see 2nd and 3rd step.

Q: Let's say that f is a twice differentiable function and its second partial derivatives are continuou...

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Q: At what radian values, within one rotation of the unit circle, are the trigobometric values for tan(...

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Q: please explain

A: Given :

Q: Use a system of equations to find the quadratic function f(x) ax? + bx + c that satisfies the equati...

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Q: Functions Let the function f be differentiable on aninterval I containing c. If f has a maximum valu...

A: If a function f be differentiable on an interval I containing c, then it must be continuous on that ...

Q: The balance A (in dollars) in a savings account is given by A = 9000e0.06t, where t is measured in y...

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Q: (3 S sin xdx

A: Note: "Since you have asked multiple questions, we will solve the first question for you. If you wan...

Q: ty'(t) + 5t"y = y(1) = 4

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Q: Calculus Question

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Q: 9(x – 1)² (I – 3)2 -36(x – 1) (T - 3)3 72x 10. Let f(x) = Then f'(x) = and f"(x) = (I – 3)4 (a) Find...

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Q: tan –1 [tan(-)] 6

A: Th expression is given as- tan-1tan-7π6 where θ=7π6 Since, θ lies in IIIrd quadrant, hence it should...