Find the side labeled x. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
X =
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Find the side labeled x. (Round your answer to one decimal place.) X = 27 12 108 x

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Trigonometric Ratios

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Q: The question says: "Find sin(2x), cos(2x), and tan(2x) from the given information: tanx= -4/3, x in ...

A: Find sin (2x).

Q: see attached

A: Consider the given figure.

Q: Write the given expression in terms of x and y only. cos(sin−1 x − tan−1 y)

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Q: Hello,       Can you tell me if I’m on the right track and can you tell me how to solve this problem...

A:  Value of

Q: I could use some help solving this problem.   Thanks much.

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A: Given:

Q: How far does the tip of the minute hand of a clock move in 25 minutes if the hand is 8 inches long?

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A: Given information:

Q: Write the expression in terms of sine and cosine, and simplify so that no quotients appear in the fi...

A: The given expression is,

Q: Prove the following are identities using the definitions of the inverse trig functions and show all ...

A: According to the given information it is needed to prove that:

Q: solve the following equation over the indicated interval. Show steps without using a calculator, and...

A: Given function is

Q: Through how many radians will the hour hand on a clock rotate in 12 hours.

A: To determine the number of radians that an hour hand on a clock will rotate in 12 hours.

Q: Solving hw 16

A: Consider the given trigonometric equation:

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A: From the given information,

Q: Find all possible values of t that correspond to the point P(0,1) on the unit circle. (Simplify your...

A: Consider the given information

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A: Known fact:

Q: Determine the period and all vertical asymptotes for the function.  y=cot(3x+pi)+2

A: Given:                        

Q: 2. tan 2 7 with 180° < I< 270° 3 given tan x

A: It is given that

Q: What are the steps to solve (2x+1)2-3=22?

A: The given equation is,

Q: Prove that the following identity is true. sin x tan x sin x cos x sin x - COs X cos x 2 cos x We be...

A: The given identity is

Q: acosa (x)+-5sin (x)-4-O

A: Consider the equation,

Q: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A in Q1 and tanB=3/7 with B in Q1, find cos(A+B).

A: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A  and tanB=3/7 with B , find cos(A+B)

Q: Use the given information to find each of the following. 1 with 0 x< 4 1. cos given cos x = 2' 2

A: Since x is in 0 to pi/2 So x/2 will be in 0 to pi/4.So x/2 is in first quadrant. So cos(x/2) will be...

Q: The figure below is a model of a Ferris wheel. The diameter of the wheel is 181 feet, and one comple...

A: The diameter of a Ferris wheel is 181 feet, it takes 15 min to complete one complete revolution, the...

Q: photo attached

A: To prove: The identity,

Q: Find the measure of the smaller angle formed by the hands of a clock at the following time  5:25

A: Given:A clock at 5:25

Q: Trigonometry Question

A: Using reciprocal property.

Q: The question asks for the exact value of the trignometric function given the real number:   cos(-pi/...

A: To determine the value of trigonometric function given below:

Q: see attached

A: a+bi is plotted as (a,b)

Q: Complete the sentence so the result is an identity. Let x be any real number.sin x = (   )(cos x)

A: It known that,

Q: see attachment

A: Given,

Q: What is trigonometry and how does it apply to other fields of mathematics?

A: Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics that studies relationships between side lengths and angles...

Q: Given that, sin⁡x=a where x is in quadrant I. What will be the exact value of sin(x+π/6) in terms of...

A: Given:

Q: A bicycle wheel 26 inches in diameter travels at four revolutions per second. through how many radia...

A: Number of revolutions made by the wheel in 0.5 seconds is given as

Q: Number 11, I have to match the graph by finding the zeros

A: The given polynomial is

Q: Using half angle formula to find. Exact value

A: Formula:

Q: Suppose that cos(2α)=1/3, 360∘&lt;2α&lt;450∘. Find the six trigonometric values of α.

A: Determine the sign of the function values in which of the quadrant as follows.

Q: see attachment

A: To determine the value of sin(2x), cos(2x), tan(2x).

Q: photo attached

A: From reciprocal property of trigonometry we know sec theta = 1/cos theta

Q: see attachment

A: Consider the given trigonometric equation

Q: 10:55 TIME REMAINING 54:33 The first figure of the Sierpinski triangle has one shaded triangle. The ...

A: Observe time the number of shaded triangles is multiplied by 3.  So this is a geometric series with ...