For Exercise, solve for the indicated variable.
for m
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For Exercise, solve for the indicated variable. kF for m т

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A: Given: Formula used:

Q: A, b,c

A: a) We compare A=184+12.40t with y=mt+b Here, m=12.40  So slope=12.40 This means the rate of change o...

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A: To find the following parts.  

Q: For Exercise, solve the equation. 18 + 2 = т — 3 n² - 3m т

A: Given equation

Q: Solve : (4x3y · 5x4y2)3

A: Simplify the inside. Add the exponents for multiplication.

Q: Factorize:  18u2 − 3uv − 36v2

A: Given equation is 

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A: a) We use a graphing calculator to graph them. Violet is: y=x^2 Black is y=x^4 Red is y=x^6

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A: Given, AC is the rafter, AD is rafter run, CD is rafter run, and ∠CAD is the pitch of the roof. AD =...

Q: Solve for h: V= (pie)to the 2 power times h

A: We have to get h alone on one side.

Q: What is the parent graph of the following function and what transformations have taken place on it: ...

A: This is a parabola, so the parent graph is y=x2  

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Q: For Exercise, the graph of y = f(x) is given. Graph the indicated function. Graph y = 2f(x – 2) – 3....

A: 2f(x-2)-3 implies f(x) moves 2 units to the right , 3 units down and stretched by 2 vertically. Usin...

Q: 0.002x4+0.25x3-0.364x2-7.243x+86.993 x equals the number years since 1993, can be used to estimate t...

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Q: 10.V405 11.V5 • V15 12.V14 * V35

A: 10. Given Use the properties of square root as     

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Q: x2-2x+y2-2y-7=0 a) determine the type of conic b) find the standard form of the equation c) sketch t...

A: Given the equation of conic  x2-2x+y2-2y-7=0 We would like to determine the type of conic.

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A: Consider the Distance- time graph,

Q: Factor by grouping method:  3mn − 8m + 15n − 40

A: To find the factored form of the given expression.  

Q: For Exercise, solve the equation. V8 – p – Vp + 5 = 1

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Q: Help

A:   Factor theorem – If c is zero of polynomial f(x) than f(c) =0  

Q: Solve the equation for x. 32x=81

A: Given equation

Q: A golden rectangle is a rectangle in which the ratio of its length to its width is equal to the rati...

A: a) Given that W=1 , for that we find L=? Then use the quadratic formula L can not be negative. So,...

Q: Determine the type of graph Increasing Linear, Decreasing Linear, Positive Quadratic, Negative Quadr...

A: This graph is a curve so it can not be linear.  So we can rule out Increasing Linear and Decreasing ...

Q: x – 1 for x < 1 lV- 1 for x 2 1 - 1 Graph f(x) =

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Q: Simplify:  (8x4+ 2x3+2x)+ (2x +2 − 2x3− x4) − (x3 + 5x4+8x)

A: The given expression is