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For the reaction

2N2(g) + O2(g)2N2O(g)

H° = 164.2 kJ and S° = -148.5 J/K

The equilibrium constant for this reaction at 289.0 K is ______. 


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Step 1

The equilibrium constant can be calculated as per the following equation,


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AGo RT In(keq) AGo AHo TAS° AHo 164.2 kJ = 164.2 x 103 J ASo 148.5 J/K T 289 K, R = 8.3 14 J/ mol- K

Step 2

Substituting the above values, we get,


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AGoΔΗ-TASo ΔG164.2 x 10,-289 x (- 148.5) ΔG2071 16.5 J

Step 3

Now, we know ...


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AGo RT In(keq) Substituting the values, 207116.5 8.314 x 289 x ln (keq) Keg = 3.66 x 10-38


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