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From Part A:

Mass of KxFe(C2O4)y · zH2O prepared : 5.600 g
Mass of FeCl3 : 1.60 g

From Part B:

% Potassium in compound : 23.23 %
% Iron (from ion exchange & titration vs. NaOH) : 8.25 %

From Part C:

% Oxlate : 56.78 %

Calculate the following for C2O42-:

g in 100 g sample mol in 100 g sample mol/mol Fe
(3 sig figs)
mol/mol Fe
(whole number)

Expert Answer

Step 1

When the mass of the elements is given in the mass % composition, the mass of the elements is calculated from the given percentage.

The mass percent of a substance is expressed in equation (1).

The number of moles in terms of molar mass is expressed in equation (2).

Step 2

Calculate the mass of C2O42- in a 100g sample using the mass percent of oxalate.

The percentage by mass of oxalate (C2O42-) in a 100g sample is 56.78%. The mass of C2O42- is calculated using equation (3).

Substitute 56.78% for the mass percent and100g for the mass of sample in equation (3) as shown in equation (4).

Step 3

Calculate the moles of C2O42- in 100 g sample using the molar mass of C2O42-.

The molar mass of oxalate (C2O42-) is 88.02 g mol-1.The number of moles of solute (C2O42-) is calculated using equation (5).

Substitute 88.02 g mol-1 for molar mass of C2O42- and 56.78 g for mC...


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